Jean Chevalier was born on april 11, 1913 to Saint Pierre de Chandieu in France (at present in the department of the Rhône). At the beginning of the century the village was situated in the department of Isere). Beautiful small municipality, as so many other in France, with its main place, its beautiful fountain «…where one went to get some water and where cows came to drink…» Jean Chevalier likes to tell.

With his wife Paulette, today departed, they formed a duet of artists, to him the drawing and the painting, to her music and both shared the same passion for the poetry and the literature.

Its brilliant career from 1929 till 1932 at the schoolteachers' training college of Grenoble, pupil of Gleizes from whom he will know how to release himself, is going him to go alongside to the biggest artists of this century, notably to Moly Sabata, and the recognition of its talent will propel its pictures in the biggest gallerys of art.

Of his grandfather ,who was a building contractor and carpenter, whom he admires very much, he kept the love of the well made work, the purity of lines and the solidity of the compositions.
His eclecticism (Henri Giriat definies him as a « painter, thinker and poet » is going him to try different representational pictural techniques, going as far as to steer together with psychiatrists (Doctors: Jacques COSNIER, Simon JALLADE and Ary BECACHE) a thérapeutic group (Day hospital of M.G.E.N. 44, rue Feuillat 69003 LYON FRANCE) where the patients could express themself throught the painting and the drawing: interesting experiment of art-thérapy.

As guillaume Apollinaire, he knew how to associate the painting «brilliant langage» to the poetry in his books-poems of which two copies “intervalles” and “La dialectique du regard” are a part of a donation of the artist at the University Lyon 2.

He know how to recognize the artistic talent and make it share: he admitted Anne Dangar (that he knew of Moly Sabata) to the museum “Des beaux arts de Lyon” by a generous donation.
One can admire Jean Chevalier’s paintings to the museum “d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble, et de Bordeaux”, “Palais Saint Pierre de Lyon” and to the University Lyon 2 quay Claude Bernard together with two books-poems of an extreme cultural abundance.

«…Today I do not feel deprived of painting. For me it’s a closed book. I read the coloread and anticipated movements on our extreme questioning. See and touch, yes, and nothing without the material, our material…» Jean Chevalier in may 29, 1994 (correspondence with his doctor)


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